Clear Space Media is a marketing-oriented company, which means our focus is external, not internal. Our goal is to continually discover ways to make customers happy and find out what they need. Since the Internet is always evolving, we are vigilant and always keep our ears to the ground and our eyes open to new trends. It’s easy for web-based companies to find what they’re good at and stick with it, but the more difficult task is to constantly hone our skills and keep them up-to-date. While it’s certainly a challenge to do considering the rate at which technologies change, we’re up for that challenge and excited to meet it. Ultimately, the reward is greater for everyone involved!

In addition to keeping up with the progressing online marketplace, we are also dedicated to delivering consistent quality and not cutting corners.  It’s important for a business to have a recognizable and memorable brand; their websites should be attractive, easy to navigate, and clearly reflect the image of the business represented. They should participate in online social media, reach out to their customer base regularly, build loyalty, and clearly communicate their core message. Clear Space Media is able to do all those things and more so your company can focus on what it does best. Connect with us today so we can help your business reach its full potential!

Clear Space did a fantastic job on full photo shoot, using excellent aerial footage and time lapse photography work and really made a dated home look sleek, modern and highly appealing through use of creative angles, perspective and excellent lighting coupled with their vision.
We truly can’t wait to use them on our next listing or project that would benefit their input. Clear Media flat out rocks!!
— John Reynolds - Associate Broker, Keller Williams
Great quality, responsive work. Thanks!
— Ryan Rosencranz - President, FullScope IT
Clear Space Media is a professional and talented group of people who are prompt, follow up and follow through in a timely and efficient manner.
— Cecilia Hayes - International Realtor, Keller Williams

The Clear Space Team

The Clear Space Team is comprised of a group of highly motivated, quality-centric individuals that have been actively creating, hosting, and maintaining websites for 15 years. Each team member has extensive experience in their field. Clear Space Media is excited to continue the tradition of effective marketing and quality design for years to come. Let’s build your brand together!

Matt Fields
Partner, Creative Director

Cara Johnston
Partner, Marketing Director


Aaron Eaton
I.T. Director

What makes clear space media unique?

We think it’s our team. We don’t necessarily have designers or developers or account managers. We have a group of interested, weird and talented people. The most important thing we look for in people is that they fit well with the rest of the team. It doesn’t matter how good you are at design if you don’t have good ideas, and we have a team that is very collaborative, where ideas and concepts can come from anywhere. After that, once we agree on the idea, then people fall into their expert roles.