Luxury Retailer Makes a Fashion Statement

Alpaca International, Inc. is a unique retailer owned and founded by a woman who considers her story a testament to the American Dream. Zia Boccaccio grew up in Peru and, at the tender age of 7, discovered her love of the majestic alpaca and a connection to her homeland nestled in The Andes Mountains. She moved to the United States of America at 19, vowing to bring her culture and heritage to the world. In 2004, she opened her first store in Annapolis, Maryland on Main Street and has since opened four other stores.

The luxurious, high-fashion garments crafted from 100% Baby Alpaca Wool require a website that captures the simple elegance of Alpaca International's designs. Clear Space Media was honored to work with Zia in bringing her vision to life and creating an enjoyable shopping experience for her discerning customers. In addition to creating a beautiful, functional website, we also handle Alpaca International's social media accounts as Zia travels between her stores in Alaska, Utah, Maryland, and Peru.