Some new apps you should check out for August

One of our core missions at Clear Space is to have a happy work life balance. In order to do that, we rely heavily on apps to make that happen. While it may not be a surprise that we are huge Apple fans, we are also big Google fans as well. We highly recommend Google for Business.

Here is a sampling of a few apps we are digging for the month of August.


Remeber Casey Neistat, the dude that makes all those awesome YouTube videos? Beme is Neistat ‘s answer to the highly sculpted, calculated, calibrated version of “social media” that you’re used to. Instead of seeing the world with your phone, Beme allows you to continue experiencing the sunset, the rock concert or the business meeting while simultaneously posting the “Beme” to your friends list using the proximity sensor on your phone. Once you watch a Beme, the Beme is gone. It’s like a combination of Snapchat and YouTube without all the editing and posturing. iTunes


Accomplish will, as the name implies, help you accomplish things on a daily basis. The to-do list app expands the standard task management process by incorporating a graphical daily planner that allows you to drag tasks from the standard to-do list into a calendar style day view. Better yet, each time you complete a task by checking the box you get a congratulations from the app. Android


Monospace is one of those apps that does one thing and only one thing–taking notes–but it does it very well. Built from the ground up with a focus on touch UI, Monospace eschews the standard editing features for an essentials-only formatting popup. You get all the usual formatting styles, along with Dropbox integration for multi-device sync, but they use a hashtag system to replace the standard folder system. From writing the next great American novel, to keeping track of a long-form to-do list, Monospace is the notes and writing app of choice–if you’re on Android. Android

Angry Birds 2

The sequel to the biggest mobile game of all time includes new graphics, multi-stage levels, boss pigs, more destruction and, most importantly, which bird you’re going to fly next. You’d think selecting the Bomb bird all the time would be the obvious choice, but the selection introduces a whole new level of strategy that will give you something to do for another couple hundred hours. iTunes Android


Breaking down all your fantastic pictures to their most basic level–that’s pixels, obviously–won’t necessarily turn you into the next Invader, but it will certainly make things more interesting. Pixl takes your pictures (ideally ones that are shot with good lighting and at close range) and allows you to create artwork using passing, pixel-size adjustments, color contrast and styles. When you’re done, save your work in portrait or landscape, and then share it with all your friends. iTunes

Angels’ Cup

There are plenty of tasting and rating apps out there for beer and cocktails, but Angels’ Cup is the first we’ve seen for coffee. Record tasting notes, compare with roastmasters, learn about single-origin coffee, visualize your tastes and share the entire experience with your friends using Angels’ Cup. If you’re as addicted to coffee as we are, the app is fantastic. With that said, the entire experience just gets better with a subscription to the Angels’ Cup coffee subscription service. iTunes Android

Feel free to add your favorite app's below in the comments.