Apple makes it way too easy to buy things from their stores.

  1. Walk in to Apple Store.

  2. Grab a Apple Watch band off the shelf

  3. Swipe up on lock screen to auto open Apple Store app because it already knows I'm in the store.

  4. Take picture of the band's bar code with app

  5. Touch finger to home button to pay with apple pay

  6. Walk out of store

This whole process probably took me less than 2 minutes..

We would shop at brick and mortar stores way more often if it were this easy everywhere!

The new United States 20 dollar note.

A clean and simple design that will keep our currency relevant for decades to come. 


The idea came about with the advent of the phone wallet hybrid case becoming more of the norm in society. The main problem with owning a wallet phone case is simply they are not as conducive to traditional monetary sizes.

We personally own the one on the right.

With that said, we spent over six months designing and developing what you see before you.

Some of the notable key features of the new $20 dollar note:

We added the functionality of braille integration for the visually impaired. This also gives a nice tactile feedback sensation.

Saves pulp by 57%

A new fast track smart counterfeit tracker that can be scanned in any position.

Smaller size means less folding and longer circulation life. We think you are going to love it.