What is the difference between OTF (Open Type) or TTF (True Type) font formats?

If you are a font person and download a lot of fonts you may be curious why some of the downloads are fontname.otf and some are fontname.tff Some times their may be both in the download font file. Our recommendation is to always use and open up the Open Type Font.

OTF is more likely to be a “better” font, as it supports more advanced typesetting features (smallcaps, alternates, ligatures and so on actually inside the font rather than in fiddly separate expert set fonts). It can also contain either spline (TTF-style) or Bezier (PostScript Type 1-style) curves, so hopefully you're getting the shapes the font was originally designed in and not a potentially-poorer-quality conversion.

On the other hand, if you're downloading free fonts from shovelware sites, you're unlikely to get any of that. Indeed, you may simple be getting a TTF font renamed to OTF.

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