Why It's Time To Hire a Social Media Pro

(alternatively, “The Blog Post I Need to Write In Order to Reference it From Almost Every Other Post”).

Social media is a touchy subject with business owners. Your business is more than likely losing money right now because of your lack of social media skills. Yes, I know, the social media guy lecturing business owners on why they need to be paying for social media management, what a surprise, but these things need to be said for everyone’s benefit.


I have about a million things that I’d like to write about regarding social media, but I decided that I can’t move forward with that until I get some fundamental info out there on why social media professionals are an essential part of doing business in the modern world. In order to illustrate that, let’s visit some common examples of mistakes businesses make with their social media management.


            “I have a facebook, people like things I post, there’s no reason I have to pay someone else to do that for my business”


Yes, that’s true, you more than likely own and operate a Facebook account, not surprising, not impressive, just a fact of life nowadays. The truth about having a Facebook is that ownership of a Facebook isn’t proof that you’re qualified to run social media for a business. After all, you don’t send a teenager who just got their driver’s license to operate that giant 18-wheeler that needs to make a fly-by-night delivery 10 states away, or a new Ferrari, or a helicopter, you get the idea I’m sure.


            “Ted’s son is a marketing major, he could intern and run our social media. Ted. No TED, from accounting, you remember him right?”


This one seems tempting, after all, the kid is in college, he’s got an iphone, he must know what’s cool and how to tweet and stuff. Please steer clear of this one, not only because of the lack of experience in the field, but the lack of experience in dealing with human beings in a business environment, period. A lot of social faux pas arise from having someone who isn’t wholly invested in your company acting as the person who is speaking for your company. Their success does not depend on your company’s success, so you’ve already created a scenario in which you inevitably lose.


            “I post sometimes, but nothing caught on. I just don’t think people online are really into my blog posts about stovetop hood venting issues in home remodeling for the Midwest.”


I have to admit, years ago I was very guilty of this one, but I was dead wrong. There is a market for everything. If it exists, there is someone out there on social media who cares, and a social media professional can help you seek out, target, and capitalize on that audience better than any other form of advertising.


This is really the fundamental point that business owners need to understand about advertising on social media. There is literally no other form of advertising that will get you into a better-defined audience for your product or service. It’s truly incredible how robust the audience targeting options can be, and having an experienced social media pro in your corner can not only hit those marks, but find creative ways to expand your audience in ways never before possible with print, radio, television, etc. Not only is the targeting making your advertising more effective, it will also be doing so at a fraction of the price of traditional advertising. It’s still a wonder to me that there are businesses out there who don’t want to save money by marketing more effectively.


            “So I already knew all of this, I thought this was supposed to be a blog from an expert.”


This all may come as 101-level, no-brainer info about how necessary social media is for a modern business, and if it does that’s fantastic- you’re miles ahead of the average business owner. Although this is elementary, it is necessary, as my title mentions, for me to get this down on paper only to reference repeatedly as I delve into more specific solutions for how businesses can grow online through use of their social media. If you are interested in learning more, I invite you to comment below or send me an email. After discussing, head over to our site to check out what Clear Space Media has to offer, and see how we do things differently.