Our go-to battery case for iPhone

We all have had this happen to us. We download a game on to our phone that we get addicted to and 4pm comes around and our phone is at 18%. Then some friends want to go out after work. Now what? Well we thought we would share our go-to battery case for iPhone that will save the day.

The Incipio offGRID Express

The differences between the Offgrid Express and the many other cases you can choose from are minor, but they add up to a better overall experience. It’s one of the least expensive cases we have tested over the years, but it outperformed many of the more expensive battery cases out there. And it hits all of the key factors you want in a battery case: plenty of battery capacity, easy-to-access buttons, and ease of removal. If you’re looking to avoid that 5PM attack of battery anxiety, the Offgrid Express is our go to case we grab when we are on the go.

Runner up's

In order from high to low in regards to user experience and function.


The Copywriter's Daily Bag

If you have a job where you’re only going to the office on occasions, you don’t need much. Here are a few of the items our copywriters use.

Feel free to add any the things you use on a daily basis!

Everyday Carry Silver Edition