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Why It's Time To Hire a Social Media Pro

Why It's Time To Hire a Social Media Pro

Social media is a touchy subject. Can it be done yourself? Maybe. Can you hire Ted from accounting's nephew for pennies on the dollar? Sure- but are you handling it right? In the age where the emerging social media market is at the forefront of daily business, it's more important than ever to make appropriate decisions.

Is Clear Space Media right for your business?


Clear Space Media has a personality and a set of values that define us and that we hope our clients will resonate with. We hope our personality and values come across without explanation but, in case they don’t, let us enlighten you!  First and foremost, our values are Clarity, Commitment, and Trust. We want our intentions and talents to be clear to anyone we do business with, and even to those we don’t. It’s true, we do want your business, but we also want to have a mutually beneficial and even warm, enduring relationship with you.

We love people and we love seeing our friends succeed. So, instead of burdening you with legal documents that you need a lawyer to review before you sign, we keep our contracts simple and to the point. We’re not interested in tricking you. Also, our design style reflects the simplicity and intuitiveness we hold up as virtues. You, and those that visit your website, should be able to find what they’re looking for quickly. If an element is erroneous, distracting, or misleading, we leave it out.

We’re also committed to getting the job done in a timely manner and leaving you totally satisfied with the end result. You’ve entrusted us with your business, and we consider that an honor.   With that said, we believe in maintaining a sense of humor and keeping things light. The rat race can get us all down, but we can choose to laugh and hold on to the delight we enjoyed as children when we experienced something new. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by new technologies and developments that arise, we embrace them with a sense of wonder and excitement.  

There are breakthroughs everyday that make our lives easier and more productive; that help us all achieve the best possible results within our own industries. Sure, it’s frustrating when it seems we just figured out how to use our smartphone and a new one hits the market… one that makes our current smartphone completely obsolete. This, however, is the mark of a thriving economy driven by competition and fueled by innovation. There are constantly new tools you can take advantage of to bring attention to your business that didn’t exist previously. It’s a challenge, but we’re up to it… and so are you, with our help. Adaptation is fun and rewarding!  

If you’re simply not tech-savvy and feel you have better things to focus on, like running your own business, we have the ability to take the reigns and steer your social media and internet marketing; we can make sure your website is up and running smoothly on a daily basis; we can do the research to be sure you’re always taking advantage of the latest and greatest technologies. If you want to look in occasionally, or frequently, to see if you’re getting a good return-on-investment, or want to see how a campaign is performing, we’re able to offer lots of reports and statistics to keep you informed.  

The passion of Clear Space Media revolves around creating a seamless, aesthetically pleasing experience for you and your customers, and demanding outstanding results overall. We love what we do, we have fun doing it, and we are filled with enthusiasm to see you succeed through our collective efforts. Let’s build your brand together!