This film clip was shot using 80 actors in one take on an 80 metre stretch of road in a car on a Phantom Flex 4K. Filmed at 1000fps, it was shot in 5 seconds for the 3:30 clip.

The shortest shooting ever. Written & directed by Guillaume Panariello Cinematography by Thomas Rames Visual effect by Benoit Maffone (La Planète Rouge) Produced by VLB Recordings & La Planete Rouge : Music by siska : This is a real video performance, a slow motion video, a sequence map with a traveling in front of 80 extras placed on 80 meters along a little road, lost in an industrial area. Filmed at 1000 frames/second with a Phantom flex 4k from a car driven at 50km/h, the shooting took 5 seconds for a 3'30 video: a living and dreamlike mural.

So we know what you are thinking... Where is the real time video?


What was your favorite part of this short?

Our pick was the throwing of the shoe.

Most American comedy movies are not good and here's why


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Tony Zhou reveals how Wright uses every directing tool to his disposable and controls the entire frame to make a movie funny. It's not just two people telling jokes like in lazy American comedies but a complete comedy movie designed to be both laugh out loud hilarious and subtly ticklish in every imaginative way possible.

Like making light of things entering or exiting the frame in funny ways, matching scene transitions, syncing action to music, using sound effects perfectly, etc. They're all visual tricks used to make a movie funnier without telling more jokes.