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For more information about how Clear Space can enhance your market presence. We'll respond via email to set up a discovery meeting where we can get to know each other and start defining goals, scope, budget, and timeline.



Frequently Asked Questions


We get lots of questions. Here are some answers. If you don’t happen to see what you’re looking for, please contact us, and we’ll get back to you posthaste.


What is your perfect client?

Our perfect client is someone who loves great design, likes collaboration, and appreciates our creative input. We enjoy working with clients who understand the value of what we do and want to use design to make their businesses more successful.

How much!?

Our services are an investment in your business. The type of well-executed website we will create will provide a value that’s far greater than the upfront investment.

What industries do you work with?

We love all industries. We’ve worked with a dentist, an insurance company, and a myriad of tech start ups. We would rather have clients that align with our design style and core values. We believe a good client relationship starts with an appreciation of each others work. We want to work with people who love our design, laugh at our jokes, and enjoy collaboration.

Are you hiring?

Yes, checkout the careers page to learn more!

How long will it take you to complete my project?

Each timeline is different, and is determined by the amount of deliverables and the level of intricacy your project requires. Once we get more information about your project, we’ll be able to give you an estimated time frame. The best way to get the ball rolling on that process is to send an email to, and we’ll ask you some questions.

What do you charge?

Our pricing is based on the amount of hours your project will take. In order to determine that, we will need to have a brief discussion about your project, the level of detail involved, technical requirements, etc. The best way to get the ball rolling on that process is to send an email to, and we’ll ask you some questions.

I don’t want anything fancy.

Presentation matters and will continue to matter in the online space. A modern website needs to have a simple, beautiful interface that is easy to use and gorgeous to look at, whether you are a yoga instructor, an attorney, or a food photographer.

We will save you time.

One of the major benefits to working with us is the time you will save thanks to our experience and knowledge of website
best practices.