Creating a seamless, aesthetically pleasing experience.

Our design style reflects the simplicity and intuitiveness we hold up as virtues. Branding should almost be invisible; it should be so natural that it appears to be a part of its environment and not a garish afterthought. It should convey that specific impression a business hopes to get across without being intrusive, whether it's the charm of a small, family-owned shop, the atmosphere of a trendy lounge, or the elegance of a five star restaurant.

The beauty of what Clear Space brings to the table in a single word would be, “Simplicity”.
— Karen Marco, Prim Jewerly

Local Grill Keeps Guests Coming Back


Located in the heart of historic downtown Annapolis, Acme Bar & Grill is known for taking great care of their patrons on all fronts: catering to families, sports fans, college students, Midshipmen, local sports legends, politicians, the after work crowd, and the nightlife scene. Clear Space Media is able to help Acme stay in touch with their diverse guests through an easy-to-navigate site that has great features to keep people connected.

“I am deeply impressed by both their craftsmanship and creativity. The turn around time and professionalism is simply the best in the business.”
— Kevin Epley, Owner of Acme Bar & Grill Annapolis

Established Landmark Gets a New Look

Charlie's Bar is one of the few places in Annapolis where you can get a late-night slice of pizza after an evening out on the town, but it's much more than that. Above the pizzeria is a charming Italian restaurant overlooking Ego Alley and Downtown Annapolis.

Charlie's Bar at Mangia boasts one of the best views in the city; while you enjoy a delicious meal, you can watch the sailboats come in and out of port, observe tourists amble through the circle, and enjoy stunning sunsets reflecting off the Chesapeake Bay.

I really enjoyed working with the Clear Space team. They really care about what they do and it shows.
— Charlie Priola, Owner of Charlie's Bar at Mangia

Family-Owned Auto Body Shop Comes Online

Ardmore Auto Body has been in business, and enjoying a reputation for excellence, since 1983. They've done so well over the years that they haven't felt the pressure to step into the digital realm until recently.

Clear Space Media had the honor of introducing Ardmore Auto Body to the Internet and made sure the transition was seamless and even enjoyable. Now, customers can find them online, peruse Ardmore's services, and make an appointment from the website. Simple. Effective.

Clear Space Media was great to deal with! We are extremely happy.
— Dana Bellofatto, Vice President of Ardmore Auto Body

Purveyors of the Finest Gadgets This Side of the Amazon


Gizmo Gadget, or Giz Gad, is a technophile's dream. The website is a resource for nerds of every background to come and browse through gadget reviews, life hacks, and answers to the most profound (or silly) questions asked about the universe. Clear Space Media found a powerful solution to the problem of a large amount of content being stored on one site. We also made sure the branding was as vibrant and fun as the mission of Giz Gad.


Clear Space Media is hands down the best marketing and design company I have had the pleasure to work with.
— Morgan Blackburn, CTO

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