New Website for Start-Ups


New Website for Start-Ups


Website Includes:  

 •    A MOBILE-RESPONSIVE, one-page WEBSITE that is optimized* for search engines
    •    Five (5) sections that will give an overview of your products and/or services
    •    Three (3) free, compelling STOCK IMAGES to show what you do or depict your target market
    •    Simple COPYWRITING and EDITING that concisely conveys what your business does and what it’s about
    •    A clean, text-only “starter” LOGO
    •    A free DOMAIN name of your choice (provided it is available)
    •    Links to your social media pages
    •    A user-friendly contact form for your potential customers

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Note: Delivery date of website depends on milestones set during the initial phone call with our expert, and on your (the Client) ability to provide content and feedback within the timeframe agreed upon in the call. You will receive an email with instructions and the next steps within 24 hours.